Part of the CoreEPM Product suite

Many clients today need help to capture, consolidate and report their actuals in a timely, error-free, automated fashion. The production of the actuals is the centrepiece of the Office of Finance and the foundation for measuring the health of the organisation. Too many companies use Excel for this process, taking weeks to close their books, presenting reports to the ELT, and struggling with Cash Flow and Balance sheet production. Organisational expansion, new business purchases and entrenched processes make this task complex and time-consuming. CoreActuals has been built for this exact purpose: to remove such complexities and give time back to the business. By automating the capture of the finance data and mapping to the relevant business structures, CoreActuals provides:

  • Insight into the organisation’s GL to make critical business decisions
  • Monthly-Close process
  • Automation of the 3-way reporting and detailed Cashflow and Balance sheet modelling
  • Working capital and Management reporting
  • Legal, Statutory and group reporting
  • Financial metrics and KPI’s
  • Ad Hoc Dashboards and Report creation
  • Budget upload for comparative reporting and analysis
  • Increased frequency to underpin Performance Management
  • Extended integrated planning and forecasting
  • Integrated security, workflow and data controls
  • Operational and Non-Financial data inclusion
  • Multi-currency, IFRS and GAAP

Purpose-built and ready to go

The product configuration only takes weeks, delivering a very high ROI and Time to value. For organisations wishing they could take this on but have very complex organisational structures, multiple ERPs, various entities and multi-country locations, fear not. We have accommodated your requirements with the Integrated CoreConsol Module. Capable of performing all the complexities associated with global and multi-entity organisational reporting. The CoreConsol module is an extension of the Actuals and delivers a truly integrated experience across the business, providing a unified consolidated view of the company while retaining independent entity views for your organisational reporting and performance management. For more detail, please see the CoreConsol details here.