• Revenue & Assurance Profitability
  • Channel Management
  • Customer / Product Profitability
  • Network Planning & Traffic Disruption
  • Churn Analysis & Customer Profiling
  • Customer Service Optimisation
  • Cross-Platform Advertising Performance
  • Next Best Offer Models

Cortell‘s experience and expertise with IBM Business Analytics solutions, delivers complete, consistent and accurate information that decision-makers in telecommunications companies trust to improve business performance. A comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance, predictive analytics and strategy management software provides telco executives with clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes.

Marketing, customer service, product management, operations and finance departments can analyse, understand and align based on insight derived from a wide range of historical and real-time information. Our solutions help network operators find meaning in otherwise isolated data systems via powerful data mining, planning and reporting tools.

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Past, present and anticipated future performance is revealed relative to products, consumer interests, market behaviours, usage patterns and consumer affiliations. These insights allow service providers to monetise behavioural patterns in customer data, increase customer acquisition and retention, personalise offerings and better manage infrastructure investments to align resources with customer demand.

Predict and prevent subscriber churn—while attracting new customers

  • Develop predictive intelligence and performance dashboards
  • Align business processes around a common view of the most influential customers
  • Build longer-lasting—and more profitable—relationships with subscribers

Leverage dashboards and scorecards

  • Present a unified view of revenues and expenses
  • Analyse marketing budgets at the department, project or regional expense level
  • Know where you stand against plan with clear, concise and accurate information

Optimise customer service with dashboards and alerts

  • Measure and analyse key metrics to improve business operations
  • Gain simultaneous line-of-sight visibility across a vast array of correlated metrics
  • View metrics and monitor up-to-the-moment call trends and dynamics, agent performance and SLA performance

Analyse cross-platform advertising performance

  • Efficiently measure advertising results so you can document the value of your network to advertising agencies and enterprise customers
  • Predict consumer response to advertising across channels
  • Measure actual performance against predictions—as it occurs

Improve asset utilisation and optimise related labour costs

  • Monitor the health and productivity of your infrastructure equipment
  • Centrally view scorecards and dashboard with detailed information culled from multiple business applications