• Life of Mine Modelling
  • Optimise Oil Field Operations
  • Operational & Financial Budgeting & Planning
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance
  • Workforce Planning
  • Activity-Based Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Exploration Targeting
  • Project Costing

Business Analytics is provoking major changes within the Mining Industry. Companies are getting benefits from Business Analytics to positively impact their performances, growing revenues and efficiency. Although Analytics is not new in mining, the volume and, most importantly, the extent to which it’s being used in the sector has grown substantially over recent years.

There are numerous challenges the industry faces, including rising costs and fluctuating commodity prices resulting in tighter margins. Yet an industry with a turnover of billions of dollars cannot ignore the value the analytics brings to help understand the impact of the agile and ever-shifting market forces.

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Cortell has delivered many solutions to the mining industry, including advanced modelling capability for planning a new mine / life of mine calculations, workforce planning, and even the ability to predict asset maintenance outside, providing the ability to address potential problems before they occur.