• Student Load Forecasting
  • Research & Funding Analytics
  • Resource & Campus Capacity Planning
  • Workforce Management
  • KPI & Strategic Planning
  • Course Costing
  • Academic Analytics
  • Procurement Planning & Price Analysis
  • Student Retention & Intervention

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A complex world demands skilled and knowledgeable citizens. Yet Education providers still struggle to graduate students with the basics. Rising costs, shrinking funding, structural silos, little insight: all are factors. To find a smarter way, education is turning to technology to overcome these barriers and ensure students are learning what they need to thrive and contribute.

To deliver more effective education, thousands of educational organisations worldwide rely on the four components of Cortell and IBM Business Analytics software and services:

  1. Business intelligence software lets you consolidate, track, analyse and report on all relevant data
  2. Financial performance and strategy management software lets you plan, budget, consolidate and link strategy to dynamic plans and targets
  3. Advanced analytics software gives you the insight and foresight needed to predict behaviours, choose the best response and improve outcomes
  4. Analytic applications gives you a quick start in a particular issue or domain.

The broad capabilities of Cortell solutions let educational organisations:

Promote academic success

  • Plan strategies for academic improvement
  • Identify and pre-empt student difficulties
  • Benchmark teaching best practices

Improve operations

  • Share trusted information securely
  • Manage the student lifecycle
  • Monitor important KPIs and report on compliance

Manage financial performance

  • Track the cost of achievement
  • Demonstrate good governance, transparency and accountability
  • Manage recruitment and advancement