• Analysis of Profit
  • Monthly Hard Close
  • Life Policy Profitability Models
  • Tax Calculations
  • Cashflow
  • IFRS & Regulatory Reporting
  • WACC, EVA & Performance Management
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Loan Book Reporting
  • Predictive Customer Analytics

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In order to stay competitive Financial Services companies must have visibility into every facet of their business. In order to maximise profitability and returns they need a comprehensive view of their customer including customer service, sales, the workforce and overall performance in order to make the right decisions fast.

IBM Business Analytics software provides a comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence, financial performance management and advanced analytics that helps companies unite data and effectively plan, understand, manage and predict financial and operational performance.

By unlocking data captured in disparate systems and coupling it with the right capabilities, Financial Service companies can outperform in areas such as:

Executive insight: 

Provides executives, decision-makers, business users and board members with a deep, transparent view across the whole organisation, including corporate and regional performance


Brings together all the key risk exposures—operational, market, financial and more—to improve decision-making, customer confidence and profitability.

Customer care and insight: 

Gain a single view of customers to help increase wallet share, predict customer behaviour, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, service mass market customers more cost effectively and offer the products and services they need.

Operational efficiency: 

Shore up internal operations—including finance, IT, customer service, HR, sales—to ensure the entire organisation is running at peak efficiency.

The requisite experience

Many of the leading players in insurance already choose IBM Business Analytics software, including:

  • four of the top five banks in the world
  • four of the top five global P&C insurers
  • five of the top seven insurance companies in the world.