Revolutionising Enterprise Performance Management

Turning the EPM process on its head by delivering value quickly

CoreEPM, from Cortell Australia, is the culmination of two decades of experience and several years of development, all wrapped up in a purpose-built, easy-to-configure product designed to address the complexities within the Office of Finance when managing and running a business.

CoreEPM stands at the forefront of transforming organisational performance by combining the robust IBM Planning Analytics platform with pre-built products specifically designed for the core finance functions: integrating Budget, Forecast & Planning, GL Actuals and monthly close processes, Financial Consolidation, KPI tracking, 3-way reporting and automated Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Working Capital models into a seamless and easy-to-use experience.

Implement the entire platform or only the parts needed now and expand when ready. The product is modular by design to help address critical requirements while delivering rapid ROI and time to value.  

Available on-premise or on the cloud, the product adapts to your organisation’s preferred architecture to accommodate changing IT strategies.

Able to scale to accommodate five users or thousands of users, the IBM platform and CoreEPM can accommodate the most challenging of environments and requirements.

CoreEPM Modules


Many clients today need help to capture, consolidate and report their actuals in a timely, error-free, automated fashion. The production of the actuals is the centrepiece of the Office of Finance and the foundation for measuring the organisation’s health.

Too many companies use Excel for this process, taking weeks to close their books, presenting reports to the ELT, and struggling with monthly close cycles, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet production.

CoreActuals has been built for this exact purpose: to remove such complexities and give time back to the business.

The centrepiece of the CoreEPM Product Suite, CoreActuals provides comprehensive capabilities to underpin Enterprise Performance management and integrated financial and operational planning.


Organisations with multiple entities, disparate ERPs, multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional requirements know only too well the complexities that exist when consolidating to produce a holistic company view.

CorConsol has been purposefully built to handle all that complexity and handle intercompany eliminations, associated accounting principles, and reporting processes. Financial stakeholders benefit from rapid closure and reporting of financial results, ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements.

Regardless of the ERP or financial systems in use, CoreEPM seamlessly integrates into organisational infrastructure, providing a unified platform for financial reporting.

Key functionalities include mapping disparate ledgers, eliminating intercompany transactions, and providing advanced auditability and workflow management. Leveraging IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, CoreEPM ensures unparalleled performance, scalability, and security, confidently catering to the most comprehensive requirements.


Rounding out the three foundational modules of CoreEPM, CorePlan+ delivers an out-of-the-box Planning environment complete with comprehensive Capex, Opex, Labour cost, Revenue and COGS, Allocations and reporting.

Often the longest and most intricate part of any organisation’s Enterprise Performance Management journey, the planning and forecasting models have been designed to accommodate 80% of the requirements within the Office of Finance for 80% of the companies out there. Additional modules specific to your organisation can be developed bespoke and integrated, or additional modules can be added over time as the + library on Coreplan+ expands.

Plan and forecast at the same level as Actuals, integrate Actuals, Budget and Forecast reporting for real-time analysis of performance, and reset targets and KPIs to measure and monitor.

Plan top-down or bottom-up, forecast with seasonality adjustments, and apply local and global policy-based rules and assumptions.

Forecast operational and financial metrics and see the outcomes as they flow through the model.

CoreEPM – One Product – One Company

For further information and greater detail on each module, please refer to the links here: CoreActuals, CoreConsol, CorePlan+.

Experience the transformative power of CoreEPM by Cortell Australia, revolutionising the landscape of enterprise performance management.