• Customer & Audience Analytics
  • Campaign Costing & Effectiveness
  • Subscription Analysis
  • Demand-Based Pricing
  • Weather Data Solutions
  • Analytics for Social Media
  • Customer Churn
  • Next Best Offer Models
  • Customer Insight

It’s personal. Know your audience and deliver experiences never before imagined

With analytics, cognitive and cloud, streamline your operations to create new value today and optimise for the future.

As consumers rapidly adopt social media and connected devices, media and entertainment companies must find new approaches to engage and retain customers.

For media and entertainment organisations, the time and place for customer engagement is shifting. Consumers are demanding innovative content that is distributed across a variety of platforms. Companies must use the volumes of customer data that now exist to answer key questions about their customers and their business.

  • How can we respond to changing marketplace conditions with innovative new service offerings?
  • How healthy are our overall revenues for online video, mobile and print?
  • What do my subscribers need now, and what will they purchase next?
  • How can I act on the vast amount of commentary from our blogs, forums and other social media sources?
  • Which combination of media delivery platforms drives the best outcomes for my advertisers?

With Cortell & IBM Analytics you can gain a better understanding of your consumers and the latest trends in the marketplace, so you can prioritise new content development and monetise existing content. Take advantage of the exponential growth in data about your customers, their interactions and transactions to more effectively meet their needs and build loyalty.

  • Monitor social media buzz and analyse consumer data to identify opportunities and deliver a differentiated experience.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and reduce time to market for new products and services.
  • Augment physical products and services with digital content, information, insight and engagement.

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