The next PAW (Cloud) upgrade is planned for tonight (Feb 16th), so the changes will be in place on tomorrow morning (Feb 17th).

The link to the changes is below

What’s coming next in IBM Planning Analytics 2.0.84 SC

The link to the Defect resolution is below


The changes include:

  • Changes in modelling
      • TurboIntegrator process debugger – this looks good!

      • Ability to rename hierarchy levels using the new dimension editor

        • Management of user groups (Cloud only) – access via the workbench

    Here you can create new groups, add an existing PAW user or PAW groups to the Planning Analytics database

    • In Plans and Applications
      • The ability to revert/cancel  approval in the plan
      • Improvements to the Task Flow pane for plans


    • In Books and Reporting
      • Improvement in the synchronisation of visualisations
      • New forecast capabilities for line visualisations
      • View section icons – selecting the section icon will identify the context, rows and columns

    A reminder – the Classic dimension editor will be removed from the modelling workbench wit this upgrade

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