Course Code: CA1124MOD

Duration: 2 days


  • Basic SQL skills and knowledge of the IBM Cognos Analytics environment
  • Basic report building skills with IBM Cognos Analytics


This course provides participants with the essential skills to model data by creating data modules. They will customize their data modules with relationships, calculations and filters. It also covers setting up column dependencies to solve multi-fact, multi-grain query issues, security and relative time periods Advanced modelling techniques will also be discussed.

Target Audience:

Data module modelers for IBM Cognos Analytics


  1. IBM Cognos Analytics Overview
  2. Data Module Environment
  3. Relationships and Object Properties
  4. Calculations and Filters
  5. Column Dependencies
  6. Security
  7. Relative Time periods
  8. Advanced Modeling Techniques
  9. Data Modules and Framework Manager
  10. End to End Workshop