Course Code: PAWUSE

Duration: 1.5 days


Basic knowledge of TM1 Cubes


This course is designed for those users who need to build content for analysing, collecting and reporting on data from within the Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) interface. This course provides participants with the skills to create their own dashboards, analyse data using views, and synchronise objects and different visualisations.

Target Audience:

Client Model Builders, Client Project Manager, Client Support Manager, Client PA Application Administrator, Interface Architect, Key System Users, Model Builder, Support Model Designer, Model Lead Architect, Project Manager, Subject Matter Experts, Technical Architect, Test Lead, Trainer.


  1. Introduction to Planning Analytics Workspace
  2. Books and Views
  3. Images, Videos and Web Pages
  4. Shapes and Text
  5. Navigation Buttons
  6. Conditional Formatting
  7. Data Entry
  9. Data Spreading
  10. Asymmetrical Selections
  11. Filtering Data
  12. Calculations
  13. Finding Data
  14. Displaying Data
  15. Set Editor
  16. Visualisations
  17. Synchronisations
  18. Selectors
  19. SandBoxes
  20. Snap Commands
  21. Collections
  22. Websheets