Course Code: CA11101EXP

Duration: 3 days


Basic knowledge of dashboards and reports


This course provides participants with the skills to create data modules as data sources for professional reports; dashboards as views to monitor events or activities at a glance; explorations to discover and analyse data; and stories to communicate insights and analysis.
Participants will have the knowledge to create, enhance, maintain and deploy Cognos Analytics reports. It covers topics to create reports by using multidimensional expression (MDX) functions. Basic development of active reports, report enhancement with Rapidly Adaptive Visualisation Engine (RAVE) visualisations and portal navigation will also be discussed.

Target Audience:

Cognos Analytics developers of data modules, dashboards, explorations, reports and stories.


  1. IBM Cognos Analytics Overview
  2. Data Modules
  3. Dashboards
  4. Exploration
  5.  Reporting Environment
  6.  Data Containers
  7.  Filters and Prompts
  8.  Report Enhancement
  9.  Navigation Hierarchy
  10.  Dimensional Reporting Concepts
  11.  Dimensional Filtering
  12.  Dimensional Functions
  13.  Active Reports and RAVE Visualizations
  14. Stories
  15. Portal Navigation
  16. End to End Workshop