Course Code: CA11101FWM

Duration: 3 days


Basic SQL skills and knowledge of the IBM Cognos BI environment


This course provides participants with metadata modeling skills to create relational and dimensionally modeled relational packages to enable IBM Cognos users to author reports, dashboards and explorations and to perform on-line analytical processing (OLAP) analysis. It also covers security, parameterization and multi-modeler best practices.

Target Audience:

Metadata modelers for IBM Cognos BI


  1. Framework Manager Environment
  2. Relationships and Metadata Object Properties
  3. Foundation Objects View
  4. Consolidation View and Presentation View
  5. Determinants
  6. Security
  7. Dimensionally Modeled Relational Package
  8. MUNs and Drill Through
  9. Parameterization Techniques
  10. Multi-modeler Environment
  11. Modeling Tools and Tips
  12. Model Design Accelerator